My name is Yang Zhou (use Yang instead of pronouns), a fourth-year PhD candidate at New York University.

My research interests lie in the intersection of Robotics and Computer Vision. I am currently working on real-time robotic semantic perception, multi-robot perception. You can visit Research to know more details.

Meanwhile, I am a part-time drummer when I am not at office. Check out Drummer to see some of my drum cover videos.

Contact: Linkedin | Twitter | | Resume | Google Scholar


2024-05 One paper was accepted in ICUAS 2024. One paper was accepted in RA-L.

2024-01 I served in Challenge Organization Committee in The 1st WACV Workshop on Large Language and Vision Models for Autonomous Driving ( LLVM-AD). One paper was accepted in WACV 2024 Workshop.

2022-07 One paper was accepted in IROS 2022.

2022-06 I start to work as a Research Intern in Microsoft Mixed Reality Team and Microsoft Research.

2022-02 I will join the Microsoft Hololens Team as a Research Intern this Summer.

2022-01 One paper was published in RA-L with ICRA 2022 option.

2020-11 One paper was published in SSRR 2020.

2019-08 I joined the ARPL at NYU.