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PENet: A Joint Panoptic Edge Detection Network Mar 31, 2023 research The paper introduces PENet, a network combining semantic edge detection and instance perception for effective panoptic edge segmentation on the Multi-robot Collaborative Perception with Graph Neural Networks Dec 21, 2021 research A general-purpose Graph Neural Network (GNN) with the main goal to increase, in multi-robot perception tasks, single robots’ inference perception Autonomous Drone Inspection with Deep Reinforcement Learning Dec 17, 2021 research We use Deep Reinforcement Learning to train a policy network that outputs the next-view positions in order to obtain good inspection performances Extrinsic Calibration Algorithm between a Stereo Visual System and a 3D LiDAR May 19, 2021 research Calibrate the extrinsic parameters between a stereo camera and a 3D LiDAR using line and plane constraints. Camera and light detection and ranging FENet: Fast Real-time Semantic Edge Detection Network May 19, 2021 research A real-time semantic edge detection network which can run with 100 FPS. Semantic edge is a geometric-aware semantic feature that can be leveraged